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Latest Vinco News
Latest Vinco News
Holiday Greetings! This joyous time of year is a welcome break from everyday pressures.. Full Story
NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT - RefluxAll® We are proud to announce another professional product into our elite line of nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies. Vinco’s RefluxAll® is a blend of enzymes combined with acid neutralizing calcium carbonate for individuals who experience occasional digestive distress. Full Story
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For over twenty years the people at Vinco Inc. have quietly forged a leadership position within the nutraceutical industry.
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Our products range from single ingredient items to cutting edge combinations. Even though we have access to a wide variety of ingredients, including those "less expensive" to obtain or "easier" to manufacture, Vinco’s products adhere to scientific guidelines. We do not compromise quality for cost.
ProBiotic (V-PB)
25 billion live cultures per gram. Probiotics have been shown beneficial in immune support, exclusion of harmful microbes, anti-biotic side effects, and more!
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