For decades, the Nutritional Supplement Industry has been changing and evolving drastically. There was once a common goal, driven by a few conscientious companies; to provide quality nutrition and help people with their quest to live healthier lives. Unfortunately, in more recent years, many of us have watched as this once noble industry has been diminished and homogenized, resulting in the emergence of scores of startups and corporate take overs. While our overall knowledge of the body, ingredients and the true benefits of quality nutrition has grown, the industry at large has developed into an accountant’s dream of maximizing profits and minimizing overhead. Accordingly, results driven supplementation has largely been replaced by sub-par, inexpensive and ineffective vitamins aimed at maximizing shareholder benefits rather than health benefits. Vinco, Inc. has proudly resisted these troubling changes and continues to put the individual’s needs first.

Our commitment to providing unparalleled nutrition began as a serendipitous byproduct of, Vinco, Inc. President and CEO, Patrick V. Nudi’s ownership of multiple bicycle shops, and sponsorship and management of a professional cycling team, over 40 years ago. At that time, he took great interest in studies being conducted by the University of Pittsburgh relative to how performance and overall health were markedly increased due to an athlete’s commitment to disciplined training, as well as diet and lifestyle changes. Inspired by this, Mr. Nudi began representing a nutritional supplement manufacturer, spending tireless hours and years helping health care practitioners. Through a personal commitment to gaining knowledge relative to the human body and how nutrition can enhance overall life quality, as well as working hands on with some of the industry’s best Doctors, Pharmacists, Chemists and Dietary Specialists, Mr. Nudi made the pinnacle decision to start his own Nutritional Supplement Company that focused on healthier outcomes, not shareholder benefits.

For Forty (40) years, Vinco has remained steadfast in its mission to provide the highest quality products with science based healthy outcomes. Uncompromising quality is what sets Vinco, Inc. apart from many other brands on the market today. Vinco, Inc. continues to work with a host of Doctors, Pharmacists, Chemists and nutritional counselors to custom design well-supported dietary products. Along with using ingredients based on the latest science and manufacturing to the highest level of industry standards, we at Vinco are constantly broadening our horizons to produce the highest quality nutritional products and remedies for the changing needs of health care professionals and patient specific requirements.

Vinco, Inc. has always been family owned and run, and we take great pride in stating the we will always be family owned. We are committed to placing our focus on healthier outcomes through efficacious nutritional supplements. This means that you will never have to worry that shareholder needs of driving down costs through the use of cheap ingredients will ever outweigh your needs. Furthermore, since day one we have understood that the nutritional supplement industry does not always stand as an alternative to modern medicine. While these two worlds are in fact comprehensively different, their differences need not be looked upon as measures of separation, but as options working together for complete care. We look forward to Forty plus (40+) more years of family ownership and bringing thoughtful, efficacious and, most importantly, effective nutritional supplements to market.

Yours in good health…

Vinco, Inc.